16 Dec 2008 (Tuesday)

HKBU to release in-depth study of Hong Kong media performance on Wednesday
浸大後天發表「香港新聞媒介表現」研究結果   綜合分析報章內容及訪問市民對新聞媒體的觀感意見

In this information age, the ever-increasing stream of news can be challenging for the public to absorb and assess. Hence it is vital for the media, whose reporting to a great extent guides our perception of events, to adhere to the finest standards of professionalism, covering news with a high degree of objectivity and accuracy. To better understand the performance of the Hong Kong media, the Institute for Journalism and Society of the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has conducted a Hong Kong Media Performance Study.


This is the first study in Hong Kong to apply such a comprehensive and well-organised survey structure to appraise the media’s overall performance. The results of the study will be released at a media session this Wednesday, with details as follows:  


Date: 17 December 2008 (Wednesday)

Time: 3pm

Venue: Dr. Wu Yee Sun Lecture Theatre (NAB 209),

Lam Woo International Conference Centre, HKBU Shaw Campus (new campus), Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong

Research Team:

l          Professor Huang Yu, Head of Journalism, HKBU

l          Dr. Steve Guo, Associate Professor of Journalism, HKBU

l          Mr. To Yiu-ming, Assistant Professor of Journalism, HKBU

l          Miss Fanny Chan, Senior Executive of Institute for Journalism and Society, HKBU


The study is divided into two parts, namely a content analysis and a questionnaire for gathering information from the public. The content analysis assesses the reporting by 14 local newspapers according to a series of scales. For example, to what extent is the content of the reports local or cosmopolitan? The other scales used were diversity-focus, watch-dog-booster, factual-interpretive, informing-entertaining, and advocacy-professionalism, etc.


Researchers also conducted two phases of telephone interviews from September to November, questioning 2,025 Hong Kong citizens on their newspaper-reading habits. Apart from asking interviewees about the type of information they sought from newspapers, other aspects discussed included their views on the Hong Kong press’s performance, opinions on newspapers’ editorial standpoints, the level of satisfaction with newspapers and their credibility.


You are welcome to send representatives to cover the above event. For media enquiries, please contact Jasmine Lau of the HKBU Communication and Public Relations Office at 3411 7828 or 7472 2122.


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日期:二零零八年十二月十七日 (星期三)


地點:九龍塘聯福道 香港浸會大學逸夫校園 (新校)

      林護國際會議中心伍宜孫博士演講廳 (NAB 209)


l          香港浸會大學新聞系系主黃煜教授

l          香港浸會大學新聞系副教授郭中實博士

l          香港浸會大學新聞系助理教授杜耀明先生

l          香港浸會大學新聞與社會研究所高級行政主陳芳怡小姐


是次研究主要分兩部份,包括報章內容分析和問卷調查。報章內容部份主要是分析本地十四份報章對不同新聞事件的報道,從多個層面評估他們的表現,包括本土和國際化報道、集中和多元化報道、監督和宣傳性報道、事實和解釋性報道、資訊和娛樂化 (人情趣味) 報道,以及倡導和專業性報道等。




歡迎貴機構派員訪攝上述活動。傳媒查詢:浸會大學傳訊公關處劉子瑩 (3411 7828 7472 2122)


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