19 Jul 2013 (Friday)

Dr. Qiu Jianwen shares experience of deep-sea expedition of Jiaolong submersible

Dr Qiu returns with samples collected from the deep sea

Dr. Qiu (left) works closely with the pilot in the Jiaolong submersible

Dr. Qiu Jianwen, Associate Professor of the Department of Biology, embarked on China’s manned submersible Jiaolong on 10 June 2013, becoming the first Hong Kong scientist to participate in the first Jiaolong deep-sea expedition which lasted 40 days. Dr. Qiu met with the press yesterday (18 July) to share his experience and showcase some of the specimens he collected from the sea floor. The press briefing session was attended by representatives from more than 30 media organisations.


Dr. Qiu said, “I was amazed by what I saw along the ocean floor. I did not expect to see so many organisms in the deep waters. I thought this could only happen in shallow waters, with sunlight.” He returned with samples collected from the deep sea, including Bathymodiolus platifrons, Shinkaia crosnieri, polychaete as well as glass sponge that was found in the cold seep for the first time.


The mission will help to further research development in environmental protection and protection of biological resources in the deep sea, Dr. Qiu said. “It is also beneficial to my teaching and to the research of my students.”


Jiaolong began a 113-day deep-sea expedition in the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean last month. A total of 14 scientists will be carried by the support ship of Jiaolong to undertake scientific research on deep-sea life and geological structures. Dr. Qiu was one of five scientists selected to participate in the first expedition last month. His research interests include biodiversity, ecology, ecotoxicology and conservation.








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