7 Mar 2013 (Thursday)

Two distinguished scholars share insights on innovation and new technology at Institute of Creativity lectures

Dr. Freddie Fu (left) and Professor Robert Grubbs share views on innovation and new technology respectively
傅浩強博士(左)和Robert Grubbs教授分別就創新技術發表演說

The Institute of Creativity held two distinguished lectures at which Professor Robert Grubbs and Dr. Freddie Fu, two renowned scholars in the fields of science and sports medicine respectively, were invited to speak. Professor Grubbs shared on “Fundamental Science to New Technology” on 26 February, and Dr. Fu spoke on “Innovation in Sports Medicine: Is the Latest Always the Greatest?” yesterday (6 March).


During the lecture, Professor Robert Grubbs discussed how his research group discovered robust catalysts for joining molecules together through carbon-carbon double bonds. The catalysts were further developed for industrial application to make pesticides and drugs. Of particular importance are the developments in the areas of green chemistry and the discovery of newer efficient methods for the synthesis of green products.


An expert in sports medicine, Dr. Freddie Fu discussed examples of innovation in this area. However, are new developments always better? He said innovation is necessary for continued advances in healthcare, yet it needs to be supported by both scientific and clinical evidence. In addition, we have to be aware of the power of marketing.


Professor Robert Grubbs, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, is currently Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry at California Institute of Technology, USA. Dr. Freddie Fu is Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.


Please click here to view the online photo albums of the lectures presented by Professor Robert Grubbs and Dr. Freddie Fu.


創意研究院分別舉行了兩場傑出學人講座,Robert Grubbs教授和傅浩強博士獲邀演說。Robert Grubbs教授在上周二(二月二十六日)主講「Fundamental Science to New Technology」,傅浩強博士則於昨天(三月六日)主講「Innovation in Sports Medicine: Is the Latest Always the Greatest?」。


Robert Grubbs教授分享他與團隊發明的催化劑令分子聚合得更穩固。後來,此項發現更廣泛應用到製造農藥及藥物等工業用途上。這更為環保合成產品帶來更新、更有效的製造方法,對「綠色化學」的發展尤其重要。




Robert Grubbs教授是二零零五年諾貝爾化學獎得主,他現任美國加州理工學院化學系Victor and Elizabeth Atkins講座教授。傅浩強博士是美國匹茲堡大學資深教授。


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