23 Jan 2013 (Wednesday)

Professor Chang Hsin-kang shares insights on “Maps of Civilizations: Yesterday and Tomorrow” at Institute of Creativity distinguished lecture

Professor Chang Hsin-kang shares his insights on human civilizations

The Institute of Creativity invited Professor Chang Hsin-kang, President Emeritus of City University of Hong Kong and Yeh-Lu Xun Chair Professor at Peking University, to share his insights on “Maps of Civilizations: Yesterday and Tomorrow” at a distinguished lecture held on 18 January.


An expert in engineering, Professor Chang is also passionate about Chinese culture and human civilisation. He started the lecture with a brief introduction of the human cultural genome. He also pointed out that the Chinese story Yeh-Shen, which is echoed in the stories of faraway lands, might probably be the origin of the Western fairytale Cinderella. This shows that cultural traditions of human societies often borrow from each other despite widely different living conditions and cultural traits. Professor Chang also shared his views on man’s relationship with nature and the interactions among civilisations.


To conclude the lecture, Professor Chang mapped out three possible routes for the civilisations of tomorrow. Firstly, human beings must learn to be humble and respect the power of nature, considering that the power of nature has exceeded the power of man. Secondly, people should respect each other, accept the existence of cultural diversity and be tolerant of difference. Finally, we should abolish the zero-sum game concept and try to keep the oceans tranquil and the sky blue for future generations.


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