22 Nov 2012 (Thursday)

Two honorary doctorate recipients share their achievement and vision

Professor Glauber (left) reviews the development of quantum mechanics, Professor Li (right) introduces the historical bamboo strip writings

The University held two “Brilliance of Civilization” public lectures this week at which Professor Roy Glauber, who received the honorary degree of Doctor of Science, and Professor Li Xueqin, who received the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters, , were invited to speak. On Tuesday (20 November) Professor Glauber shared on “200 years of light waves, 100 years of light quanta” and yesterday (21 November), Professor Li spoke on “The Tsinghua Bamboo Strip Writings and Early Chinese Civilization”.


Professor Glauber’s lecture was attended by around 150 guests, scholars, University staff and students, and secondary school students. In his lecture, he briefed the audience on the significant impact on the current development of quantum optics of several renowned scholars and their theories in quantum mechanics since 1802. Professor Glauber also used the example of how radio signal-detecting devices had been made much smaller over the years to explain that it would take many ideas, exercises, stages of development, and even generations of inventions to make research and theory come together gracefully.


Professor Li Xueqin introduced the bamboo strip writings of the Warring States Period possessed by Tsinghua University, including the process of cleansing and identifying them as well as writing reports. He also spoke about the significance of this collection. With AMS radiocarbon dating, it was found that the bamboo strip writings were relics of about BC 305 years, that is, the late mid-Warring States Period. The discovery of the Tsinghua Bamboo Strip Writings was the third major discovery of classical and historical literature in Chinese history.

大學本周舉行了兩場榮譽博士誌慶活動「文明的光輝」公開講座,剛獲頒榮譽理學博士學位的羅伊•格勞伯教授和榮譽文學博士學位的李學勤教授獲邀演說。格勞伯教授在周二(十一月二十日)主講「200 years of light waves, 100 years of light quanta」,李學勤教授則於昨天(十一月二十一日)主講「清華簡與古代文明」。





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