5 Nov 2012 (Monday)

Energy expert reviews global energy issues at Institute of Creativity’s distinguished lecture

Professor Salenҫon shares his insights on global energy issues
Jean Salenҫon教授分享他對世界能源問題的高見

The Institute of Creativity and the Faculty of Science invited Professor Jean Salenҫon, Professor Emeritus, École Polytechnique, Paris, and former president of the French Academy of Sciences, to give a lecture on “Energy issues” on 1 November.


Professor Salenҫon said the most serious energy challenge the world currently facing is the inescapable increase in global energy demand due to both the growth of the world’s population and the necessity of providing all countries with more equitable access to energy.


He said the “energy mix” concept which emphasised the necessity of a balanced recourse to all energy resources may be an answer to the challenge and could be a way to cope with constraints such as security and durability of supply, and with political and economic requirements.


Professor Salenҫon also shared his views on the exploitation of shale gas, tight oil, the post-Fukushima handling of electricity production as well as renewable energy.


創意研究院與理學院於十一月一日邀請了世界知名學者Jean Salenҫon教授主講能源問題。Jean Salenҫon教授是巴黎École Polytechnique的榮休教授,也是法國科學院的前院長。

Jean Salenҫon教授認為,隨著世界人口增長以及讓所有國家有均等機會分享能源,能源需求不斷增加已成為現今世界面對最大的能源問題。他說,平衡使用所有能源的混合能源概念,可能是解決保安、持久供應、政治和經濟考慮等問題的可行方案。

Jean Salenҫon教授也分享了他對頁岩氣和致密油的開採,以及日本福島事件後對電力生產的處理和再生能源幾個範疇的看法。


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