6 Sep 2012 (Thursday)

Institute of Creativity's lecture explores solutions for bridging the cultural divide in research and education

Professor Chung Yip-wah delivers an inspiring lecture to around 150 faculty members and students

The Institute of Creativity organised a public lecture on Tuesday (4 September) at which Professor Chung Yip-wah of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Northwestern University in the US, spoke on the topic “Bridging the Cultural Divide in Research and Education”.


Professor Chung cited examples from the perspective of an educator, researcher, and aviator of how they dealt with problems, and suggested possible solutions to those issues. He pointed out that students nowadays need early exposure to problem-solving skills; however, traditional textbook problems are too well-defined and give students no incentive to think creatively.


Professor Chung said important problems could only be solved by engaging multiple disciplines and utilising all the available resources. He recommended that teachers add value to the classroom by presenting open-ended and reality-based problems to students, or problems with diversified solutions, to inspire students to use a multidisciplinary approach to tackle problems.


創意研究院日前 (九月四日) 舉行公開講座,邀得美國西北大學材料科學及工程系兼機械工程系鍾業華教授主講「Bridging the Cultural Divide in Research and Education」。




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