16 Jul 2012 (Monday)

HKBU, Education Bureau and HK Arts Development Council launch project to nurture university and secondary school students
浸大夥同教育局與藝發局合辦「藝術同行」計劃 提升大、中學生藝術觀賞價值

The guests and participants hold up placards and shout the slogan “Arts Buddies, we are ready!” to kick off the project.
一眾嘉賓和參加者手持紙牌,齊聲高叫口號「Arts Buddies, we are ready!」,為「藝術同行」計劃揭開序幕。

Speakers and moderators share their insights on “Arts for the Future of Hong Kong”: (from left) Dr. Lo Wai-luk, Ms. Xiao Si, Professor Bernard Lim, Mr. Teddy Robin, Professor Dominic Lam and Dr. Vanessa Li.

The Institute of Creativity of HKBU recently joined the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in launching a project entitled Arts Buddies with the aim to establish an interactive learning community for university and secondary school students. The project will enhance students’ knowledge of and skills in art appreciation and art promotion and cultivate a positive attitude to serving the community through art activities.

Arts Buddies was officially launched at a ceremony today (16 July). Three veteran professionals from the arts and culture field were invited to speak at a seminar on “Arts for the Future of Hong Kong”. They were Mr. Teddy Robin, movie director, composer and singer; Ms. Xiao Si (also known as Professor Lo Wai-luen), writer and Director of the Centre for Hong Kong Cultural Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; and Professor Bernard Lim, Professor of the School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

The three speakers shared their insights on the arts, including their belief that those who love and are interested in art would enjoy the creative process involved in devoting themselves to the arts. In addition, the speakers said art is not independent from daily life but closely connected to it. It will take time for the arts to come alive and it is most important for people to appreciate art leisurely and from the heart in order to experience and enjoy its beauty. 

Dr. Vanessa Li, Senior Curriculum Development Officer (Visual Arts), Education Bureau; Professor Dominic Lam, Fung Hon Chu Endowed Chair of Humanics, Institute of Creativity, HKBU; and Dr. Lo Wai-luk, Associate Professor, Academy of Film, School of Communication, HKBU, served as moderators. 

As part of the year-long project, 23 HKBU students will serve as Arts Mentors to 90 Arts Ambassadors from secondary schools. Under the leadership of the Arts Mentors, the Arts Ambassadors will take part in a series of seminars and workshops and visit art exhibitions, thereby strengthening the students’ theoretical foundation and ability to appreciate art as well as promoting art education. In addition, the Arts Ambassadors will be able to gain leadership and social service experience by guiding their peers to visit other art exhibitions. In the final stage of the project, both the Arts Mentors and Ambassadors will co-organise a finale exhibition, giving them the opportunity to display and introduce their artwork to the public. To encourage active participation, The Best Art Guide awards will be presented to the Ambassadors who were outstanding participants throughout the project.







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