27 Jun 2012 (Wednesday)

Three Communication School students triumph in video contest

Man Sze-yan (right) clinches a bronze prize at a video contest
萬思欣同學 (右) 在短片創作比賽榮膺季軍

Albert Au Yeung (left) and Tim Lai (right) win a merit prize
歐陽國斌同學 (左) 和賴錦添同學 (右)合作參賽,贏得優異獎

Man Sze-yan (Professional Programme in Film - Higher Diploma, Year 2) of the Communication School won a bronze prize for her work “Happiness can be heard” in a video contest for post-secondary students. The theme of the contest was “Take one more step to gain happiness”. Albert Au Yeung (Public Relations and Advertising, Year 2) and Tim Lai (Digital Graphic Communication, Year 3) joined hands to scoop a merit prize for their production “The staircase of life”.


Sze-yan said she was inspired by a blind father and his two daughters she saw on an MTR train. Her video shows a blind father accompanying his daughter to school. The two were kindred spirits. When they got separated in the busy streets, the daughter would sing to help her father find her. When the daughter grew up, she did not enjoy her father’s company anymore. She walked ahead so her father could not catch up with her. But one day, when she turned around and saw her father, she was moved and began to sing to help him find her again. Sze-yan said happiness is very simple; it takes a small action to express it and doesn’t require sweet words.


This is the second time Sze-yan has won the award. She said: “I was surprised to win the third prize as there were more than 330 entries. I thought I would probably get a merit prize as I was not entirely satisfied with the atmosphere created in the video.” For this production, she served as director and cinematographer as well as handled the pre- and post-production work. Sze-yan said filming in a busy street was the most difficult part as too many or too few people would affect the shot and atmosphere building.


Albert and Tim’s video was about a mother and her child. When the child was small, his mother held his hand while walking up the stairs. When he grew up, his mother’s health deteriorated, so he carried her on his back up the stairs. Tim said the story brought out the message of health and happiness. He added that since he and Albert were not Cinema and Television majors, they were not familiar with filmmaking techniques and came up against many difficulties, especially in putting together the cast and finding a venue.


Tim and Albert got to know each other while studying Advanced Advertising Design and Visualization. Tim said the class enabled him to get to know and work with students from different majors. The crossover helped to ignite their creativity and has prepared them to work with different professionals in the future. He said: “A big thank you to our teacher Ms. Gladys Lam. She encourages us to participate in competitions to enrich our experience and career profiles. The winning video was part of our course work.”


The video contest aimed to encourage students to express the spirit of taking steps to improve their lives and be happy through video production.

傳理學院萬思欣同學(電影專業課程高級文憑二年級)最近在一個以「幸福要走多步」為主題的大專生短片創作比賽中,以作品「聽得到的幸福」,榮膺季軍,而該院的歐陽國斌同學 (公關及廣告二年級)和賴錦添同學 (數碼圖像傳播三年級)亦憑聯合作品「梯間人生」贏得優異獎。








錦添表示他和國斌是因為修讀Advanced Advertising Design and Visualization 科目而認識的。他說這個科目讓他認識不同主修的同學,一起合作,在創意上擦出火花,亦為將來在工作上與不同專業的人士合作作好預備。錦添說:「感謝林慧玲老師,她鼓勵我們多參加比賽,吸收經驗,亦能豐富履歷,今次的得獎作品是我們的習作之一。」




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