5 Jun 2012 (Tuesday)

Scholar in nanotechnology shares insights on the latest technological development

Dr. Ng Ka-ming shares with the University's faculty experts on NAMI's projects.

Professor Albert Chan thanks Dr. Ng Ka-ming for the sharing.

The Institute of Creativity invited Professor Ng Ka-ming, CEO of Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd (NAMI), also Chair Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), to share with HKBU’s faculty experts yesterday (4 June) in a seminar entitled “NAMI – Our past and where we are headed next”. At the event, Professor Ng introduced the latest development of NAMI‘s projects and the company’s future plan in collaboration with HKBU in technological development.


Professor Ng said, “Over the past years, NAMI has been in a position connecting investors who are looking for new products and innovators who are looking for applications. With funding from various industrial sectors, we rely very much on university expertise in the implementation of projects.” Professor Ng also gave an overview to the audience on the NAMI’s current projects on the development of sustainable energy, environmental technology in the reuse of wastewater, and technological development of construction and building materials.


Looking forward to the future collaboration with HKBU faculty experts, Professor Ng said that more focused meeting and joint effort in the incubation of research and development projects between the company and the University’s faculty members would be considered as one of the forthcoming paths. To attain sustainable development, Professor Ng thinks that NAMI has to keep up with its performance in the industry. The company is also offering internships to university graduates as one of the ways to cultivate talents.


Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, together with twenty other experts in the science and technology fields participated in the seminar yesterday. NAMI is a research and development centre funded by the HKSAR Government.

納米及先進材料研發院有限公司(簡稱NAMI)行政總裁及香港科技大學化學工程及生物分子工程講座教授吳嘉名教授昨日(六月四日)應創意研究院的邀請,並以「NAMI Our past and where we are headed next」為題,與一眾浸大學院專家介紹該公司的最新項目發展,及分享來年與浸大共同拓展技術研發的計劃。







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