31 Oct 2011 (Monday)

HKBU Institute of Creativity joins with EDB for Dialogue with Celebrities Series

An inspiring dialogue with celebrities (from left) Professor Dominic Lam, Mr. Stanley Kwan, Mr. Wilfred Wong and Dr. Vanessa Li

The Institute of Creativity of HKBU and the Arts Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB) jointly organised the “Dialogue with Celebrities Series – Nurturing Students’ Well-being through the Arts: Event 9” last Friday (28 October). During the dialogue, Mr. Wilfred Wong, Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU and Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and famous movie director Mr. Stanley Kwan shared their views on the topic “Impacts of the Arts on the Development of Society, Human Living and the City”.


Mr. Wong encouraged participants to take part frequently in arts and cultural activities. He also highlighted the three essential aspects of nurturing creativity: one must have a dream and be persistent in achieving one’s goals; one has to see things from diverse perspectives so as to create something that is unique; and one should appreciate diversity and cross over to join others to create something new.

Mr. Kwan shared his views on how to nurture young directors in the film industry, and he hoped that their creative productions can showcase the characteristics of Hong Kong. He advised the younger generation to observe carefully and think critically, and to explore their own strengths and weaknesses by interacting with others.


The dialogue was moderated by Professor Dominic Lam, Fung Hon Chu Endowed Chair of Humanics of the Institute of Creativity of HKBU, and Dr. Vanessa Li, Senior Curriculum Development Officer (Visual Arts) of EDB. It was attended by academics and students of HKBU as well as teachers and students from local secondary schools.









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