9 Jun 2011 (Thursday)

HKBU students claim silver and bronze in IT project competition

HKBU students (back row) win two prizes in the competition

Wong Tsz-sang (left) receives his first runner-up prize

Ren Chushi (left) represents the winning team in receiving the second runner-up prize

Four students from the Department of Computer Science won the first runner-up and second runner-up prizes in the 2011 Amway Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition organised by the Internet Professional Association.


Wong Tsz-sang (Year 3) won the first runner-up prize for his project “Ulcer Detection in Gastrointestinal Videos”. He said: “Capsule endoscopy has been used for gastrointestinal diagnosis, in particular small intestine ulcer diagnosis. Since the duration of a capsule endoscopic video can be as long as eight hours, it is very time consuming for the physicians to examine it. To solve this problem, this project designed and proposed an algorithm for ulcer detection in capsule endoscopic videos. The project aimed to detect ulcers and eliminate non-ulcer frames as much as possible so as to reduce physician’s diagnosis time while providing the same quality of services.”


A team composed of Ren Chushi, Ding You and Xie Chun (Year 3) claimed the second runner-up prize for their project “iGreen: Enabling Privacy-preserving Location-based Services”. They tried to build a mobile system for the iPhone, supporting basic functions of a location-based social network. The project proposed three privacy protection methods, namely local face recognition, location matching in transformed data space and secure data communication protocol, in order to solve the privacy issues existing in other location-based social networks.

The two projects will represent Hong Kong in the final round where they will compete with university students from over 10 regions on the Mainland.





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