23 Aug 2007 (Thursday)

HKBU admits nine-year-old applicant March Tian Boedihardjo

(from left) Professor Franklin Luk, Acting President of Hong Kong Baptist University, applicant March Tian Boedihardjo, Mr. Tony Boedihardjo, and Dr. Tong Chong-sze, Associate Dean of Faculty of Science and Associate Professor of Mathematics Department, HKBU
(左起) 香港浸會大學署理校長陸大章教授、沈詩鈞同學、沈振雄先生、浸大理學院副院長暨數學系副教授唐創時博士

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) announces today its decision to admit nine-year-old applicant March Tian Boedihardjo to its Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Science for the 2007-08 academic year. The Boedihardjo family has already accepted the offer.


Professor Franklin Luk, Acting President of HKBU, says the University will specially design a five-year curriculum for March which, when completed, will see him awarded a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science as well as a Master of Philosophy in Mathematics.


Professor Luk says: “This decision is based on our ethos of whole-person education and our commitment to nurturing gifted students. Despite his age, March has achieved excellent examination results and also expressed himself admirably in our interviews; therefore, following our initial assessment, we consider that it is suitable for him to pursue his studies at university level.


“With a view to developing his academic intelligence, personal growth and campus life, we will tailor-make a learning roadmap that best benefits March. We are confident that this arrangement will encourage March to exercise his intellectual faculties to their fullest and support his whole-person development at a world class university, and also give his parents peace of mind,” Professor Luk says.


“I would like to thank both academic and non-academic colleagues in various departments and units whose concerted effort made possible this special arrangement. They exemplify our team spirit and genuine commitment to cultivating the whole-person,” he adds.


Mr. Tony Boedihardjo, March’s father, happily accepted HKBU’s offer. He says: “The professionalism and enthusiasm of HKBU’s professors in handling our application has inspired my trust. They have shown their sincerity by drawing up an all-round plan for March’s personal development. I am reassured that HKBU’s distinctive whole-person education and its reputation for academic excellence will help March develop his talents in a complete way.”


Dr. Tong Chong-sze, Associate Dean of Faculty of Science and Associate Professor of Mathematics Department, says: “While the Department will arrange for professors to act as March’s Academic Mentors -- who will explore and develop his mathematical talents -- he will be assigned to learn and study along with his fellow classmates. Within five years, he will complete the requirements as set out for whole-person education and humanities subjects, such as languages, physical education, computer literacy, religion and philosophy. The University will encourage March to participate in social functions and student and cultural activities held on campus, so that he may experience typical collegiate life.


“The Centre for Child Development of HKBU will meet regularly with March to keep abreast of his progress in personal development and other needs, and will advise the University Administration as to the best teaching and learning arrangements for March. To familiarise March with university life and culture, the Student Affairs Office will organise special meetings with him prior to the commencement of classes.”




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  浸大理學院副院長暨數學系副教授唐創時博士表示,數學系將安排系內教授作為沈同學的學術導師(Academic Mentor),專責發展他的數學潛能和作師友輔導。沈同學需與數學系同學一起上課和研修,以及在五年內,修讀與其他學生同等學分的語文、體育、電腦、宗教與哲學等全人教育和人文科目。大學亦鼓勵沈同學與其他大學生一樣,積極參與校園各種學生活動、文化活動和社會服務,以促進全人發展。






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